Fall Out Boy and Fourth of July | My Week in Review

10:21 AM

Ahhh!  Back to blogging!  I told myself that I would be more consistent and it seems that I've failed :( BUT, I blame that on how busy I've been lately.  With two jobs, an internship, and self-publishing my children's book (WHAT?!?!?!?! More on that later...), I've barely had time to think, let alone write anything longer than a "how was work?" text to my boyfriend.  But, I'm back!  And with lots of exciting things to share!

Last Thursday, Wiz Khalifa, Fall Out Boy, and Hoodie Allen paid Pittsburgh (technically Burgettstown) a visit on their Boys of Zummer tour and I got to attend!  Not only did I get to see the show, but since I've been working with Maniac, I scored a press pass!  That means that I got to photography the artists up close and personal!  (Pete Wentz all up in my face!!!)  While I did only get to shoot the first three songs of each performer, I was given a "reviewer's ticket" as well, which basically just meant that I could stay and enjoy the whole show!  It was a whole ton of fun and I snapped over 1,000 pictures!  The only thing that I thought was weird was how uninterested most of the other members of the media seemed in the show.  Maybe it's because it was my first time and I'm a genuine fan of these artists, but I was psyched!  Most of them didn't even watch the rest of the performances; they just sat in the pavilion and waited until the next set.  Weird.  But, whatever!  I did write a full review of the tour, but I won't post that here.  So if you want to check it out, you can head over to Maniac's site!

My week's excitement continued on Saturday, the 4th of July!  Though I did miss out on being with my family this year (the 4th is my sister's birthday and we always celebrate together), I had an amazing afternoon and evening with Eric and his family!  We live in Pittsburgh (for anyone who didn't know), and spent a good part of the day watching our Pirates take on the Cleveland Indians!  I thought that a baseball game was a good way to celebrate America's birthday (it is our pastime after all).  We had a suite at the game, so we had the option of hanging out inside on couches or out on our little "porch" area.  Eric and I spent most of our time outside watching the game, but did venture inside to enjoy some complimentary food (hotdogs, pirogies, wings) and dessert!  I had an ice cream sundae and E went for a delicious slice of cheesecake (his favorite)!  To top off all of that food and fun, the Bucs won the game 1 to 0!  

Later that evening we met up with Eric's sister and walked over to their old high school where we took in some gorgeous fireworks!  I'm pretty picky when it comes to fireworks' shows, but this one was incredible!  And being there with E only made it better!

How did you spend your Independence Day weekend?! I'd love to know!


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