A Peek Into My Life | My Job at the Andy Warhol Museum!

7:54 PM

         I am constantly reminded by museum visitors how cool my job is, so I thought I'd share a little bit about it with you guys!  I work as a gallery attendant at The Andy Warhol Museum here in Pittsburgh, which basically means that I tell people not to touch the art or take photographs!  (haha, but actually...)  I also answer the phones, "Andy Warhol Museum?" :) and that's about it!  
          But working for the museum is an amazing opportunity that I am so grateful to have!  In my time there so far, I have learned so much about Andy as a person, and an artist.  I've also read up on him outside of work because I find him so fascinating!  I've been employed by Carnegie for about seven months and have gotten to see and meet all kinds of amazing people!  (Bob Colacello, Diane von Furstenberg, Gloria Gaynor, Rachel McAdams, & Baby Jane Holzer!)  (Jeez, Alyssa!  Name drop much?!)
          In all honesty though, the best part about working for AWM is my coworkers.  Everyone that works with me is a creative person of some sort.  We have musicians, artists, filmmakers, etc. all working and collaborating in one place.  You could almost say it's a modern day Factory!  Andy would definitely approve!


(P.S. All of these photos are from my Instagram!  Feel free to follow me here: www.instagram.com/alyssaandress)

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