October Obsession

2:47 PM

          Every year, my favorite month changes and with everything that is happening this year, I think October will take the cake.  Fall is a wonderful time of the year to begin with.  Sweaters are worn, tea is made and all of the pesky bugs die or hibernate or whatever it is that bugs do.  But October is where it all begins.

          Don't get me wrong, I'm loving September!  The weather is finally begin to cool down and a breeze comes along every once in a while, but living in Pittsburgh means that one day will be hotter than hell and one will represent the tundra.  I'm ready for a constant!  And besides, who doesn't love pumpkin flavored everything? Mmmmmmm!

          But this year, October just so happens to be full of exciting events that are taking place in my life as well as yours!  So, I've compiled a list of what I'm looking forward to experiencing (and blogging about!) next month.

  • October 1 - Gilmore Girls on Netflix 
    • Though I've never watched this show, I've seen enough gifs on Tumblr to know that I've made a huge mistake.  So, obviously I'm going to binge watch.  NO SPOILERS PLEASE :)
  • October 3 - Mean Girls Day
    • "On October 3rd, he asked me what day it was."
  • October 5 - Hoodie Allen at Fall Fest
    • If you don't know who Hoodie Allen is, I highly suggest checking out his music!  He's an up and coming (not sure if that's the right term) rapper with several awesome mixtapes and albums under his belt.  I've been to two of his shows in the past, and I'll definitely be checking this one out, especially since it's free!  The University of Pittsburgh does a free concert as part of their Fall Fest every year.  Last year I got to meet OneRepublic. So awesome!
  • October 8 - American Horror Story: Freak Show
    • Season 4 of the series is sure to be just as spooky as the first three!  (Though I'll admit I'm still too scared to watch Asylum!)
  • October 27 - Taylor Swift "1989"
    • This is one that I am truly psyched for!  I am a HUGE Taylor Swift fan and I look forward to every album that she puts out because it's always a new musical experience and she is constantly reinventing herself.  Definitely counting down to this day!
  • October 31 - Halloween
    • BOO! (Also arguably my favorite holiday. Can't wait to decide what to be this year! More on this soon...)
  • October ?? - Kitten
    • FINALLY.  After years of wanting my own pet, (my family has two dogs and a cat), I am finally getting my own kitten!  This is partly because I moved away from home and partly good timing due to the fact that my friend Alli's cat just had kittens a week ago! I am ridiculously excited to welcome a little furball into my home....although my boyfriend is just as pumped.

Have I missed anything on my list?!


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