These are a few of my favorite things...

9:22 AM

         I realized today that I haven't formally introduced myself to the blogosphere, so here is just a quick list of some of my favorite things!

Color: When it comes to clothing, I'm all about black. (All black errrthang).  But as far as home decor and just visuals in general, I'm a big fan of teal and mint.

Book:  My all-time favorite book would have to be Alice's Adventures in Wonderland by Lewis Carroll.  I'm actually collecting different editions and covers!

Movie:  I'm always finding new movies that I fall in love with, but I think the first movie that made me say "YES. This is it." would have to be Nick and Norah's Infinite Playlist.  (And yes, I have read the book.)

Place:  No city has ever made me feel the way that New York does.  The entire city is to me what Tiffany's is to Holly Golightly.  (Another favorite book and movie!)

Food:  Nothing can ever top pizza.  Sorry.

Restaurant: The Harris Grill here in Pittsburgh makes THE BEST
quesadillas.  (And their Long Island Iced Teas aren't bad either!)

Makeup Brand:  I'm really loving MAC and Urban Decay right now!

Comedian:  Bo Burnham.  He's ridiculously smart and I pick up on something new every time I listen to one of his songs or watch one of his specials.

TV Show:  I'm having a pretty difficult time answering this one because I watch SO many shows.  My boyfriend and I just finished the entirety of Prison Break which was absolutely incredible on so many levels, but my forever favorite show is Gossip Girl. (Yes, Chuck Bass.)

YouTuber: I think everything Zoe Sugg does is wonderful.  I love her blog as well as her Zoella channel and her MoreZoella channel.  I look forward to watching her vlogs at the end of every day because they just relax me and put me in a better mood.  (So much better than reality TV.)


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