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When Autumn first arrives, most people are excited to pull out their sweaters and knee-high boots.  (Admittedly, I enjoy this part of the season too.)  However, what I look forward to most is converting my home from bright and cool to warm and cozy.  I find that this is pretty simple to achieve with just a few, small, changes.  

In my opinion, if it doesn’t smell like fall, it doesn’t feel like fall.  So, one of the first things I do at the beginning of the season is light some candles.  The most festive ones I can find!  Put away the summer scents and try something new.  My personal favorite is Yankee Candle’s Harvest.  But you can find all kinds of fall scents, (Yes…even pumpkin spice!)
Not fond of candles?  Try some non-flame wallflowers from Bath and Body Works!

Throw Blankets
Fall is all about feel warm and wrapped up.  So, of course, blankets are a necessity.  Draping a soft, neutral colored blanket over a chair can also make a room look more inviting.  I’d recommend trying out Brookstone’s Nap blankets.  They’re incredibly soft and are perfect for those nights when you just want to curl up with a nice chai tea and re-watch your favorite show on Netflix.  Gossip Girl anybody?!

This is something I came across recently on one of my late Tumblr-scrolling nights.  And I’ve already incorporated into my bedroom!  Books alone can be aesthetically pleasing and when you incorporate your favorites, can make a house feel more like a home.  But books with covers of corresponding colors can make for a beautiful decoration as well!  Just simply stack a few classics (vertically or horizontally works!) and place them on a desk or, if you’ve chosen some that you don’t often read, you can use them as an end table!
If you can’t seem to work out a good combination, HucksterHaven on Etsy sells pre-combined sets!

The nice thing about floral arrangements is that they are something that can be used to decorate in any season.  For the fall, I’d suggest sticking to flowers in various tones of orange, red, and yellow.  I prefer to have fresh flowers, but silk ones can look just as beautiful and last forever!  Check out SilksbySally on Etsy for some absolutely gorgeous ones!

Be sure to comment which ideas you’ve tried and what else you do to prepare your home for fall!


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