Fall Adventures | Pumpkin Patch

11:28 AM

          With our busy schedules, Eric and I have been struggling to find a time to squeeze in some fall activities.  But with a small window of time this past weekend, we finally managed!
          Friday night was spent at a haunted maze with Eric's mom, stepdad, and sister. Though I am normally against all things scary, I bit the bullet and made the trip. (It seemed like a good chance to squeeze his hand haha) IT WAS FREEZING! And not at all scary if I'm being honest. But, the five of us had some laughs and an overall good time!

          Saturday marked our eight month anniversary, and while that may not seem like a big deal to most people, being with Eric for eight months means being in the longest relationship of my life. And so, we celebrated by going to a pumpkin patch! Choosing the right pumpkin is one of my favorite parts of the Halloween season, so after a bumpy hayride and an attempt to get through a corn maze in one straight shot (we failed and got lost), we made it to the pumpkin patch!  Eric decided to put some of the less fortunate looking pumpkins out of their misery by putting the toe of his boot through them! (Naughty!) But we found a pumpkin that fit both of our tastes and headed toward the register...once we got there though, the line was so long that we decided against paying...yes, we stole our pumpkin. (Naughtier!) Ah well! Now we just have to decide what to carve! More of that to come.


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