Just A Couple Of No-Name Slobs | My New Cat!

8:57 AM

          For the longest time, I've wanted a pet of my own.  My family has two dogs and a cat, but since I no longer live with them, my need for a fluffy companion has greatly increased.  Enter my friend Alli.  Her cat, June, had kittens about two months ago and guess who got to take one home a couple of days ago?!  That's right, ME!  I am so overjoyed with my new little lady.  She uses the litterbox and doesn't dig her claws into any furniture!  She also loves to snuggle and play.  (Now if only I could get her to stop waking my boyfriend up at 4 a.m.!)  Ladies and gentlemen, meet Sloane!


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  1. Aw she is so cute!! I've wanted a kitten for ages, but my mom's allergic:( she sounds like the perfect little cat though :)

    Ariana // Thoughts Through a Teacup

    1. Thank you! She's so wonderful! We love cuddling together <3 Maybe someday you can get one too!



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