Fall Fest | Chiddy Bang X Hoodie Allen

4:10 PM

          One of my favorite annual fall events is the University of Pittsburgh's Fall Fest!  The Pitt Program Council hires an artist every year to come and perform for its students!  They shut down the street and a stage is built overnight.

          Even though I don't attend school there, I always make sure I know who is coming and when (sorry 'bout it).  In the past, I've seen Cobra Starship, 21 Pilots, and OneRepublic.  This year happened to be one of my favorite lesser-known artists, Hoodie Allen!  This was my third time seeing Hoodie and I had an excellent time with my friends, Dom, Julie, and Sal.  Chiddy Bang, another artist I really like, was the opener!  So, that was pretty awesome!  There was even free food (mmmm carmel apple dippers!) and a caricature artist!  All for free!  Thanks Pitt!


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  1. Aw that's so cool! I'm so jealous of you seeing one republic :)
    Ariana | thoughtsthroughateacup.blogspot.com

    1. Thank you! It was awesome! I got to meet them too and they were all so nice! :)


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